Hi, I’m Jill. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I play with my husband and two boys in California’s Bay and Delta region.

I’m here to document my journey and encourage you on yours. I’m a middle aged, not so fit, urban mom – and I’m fascinated with all things outdoors. I’m here to journal my adventures – hiking, camping, kayaking, boating, and occasionally – travel. Join me! I know that if I can do it, you probably can too!

I also talk a lot about plants. I’m a bit obsessed. There’s no way around it. Check out my plant profiles to see how I’m trying to learn and make sense of the incredibly complex world of all things Plantae, with a few forays into the not technically plant world of Fungi and Seaweed.

Please Consult More Authoritative Sources  

I hope you like my writing and musings about plants as I explore the world around me. I am an avid hobbyist, but still truly a novice at plant identification, foraging, and many things outdoors. I’m sharing my journey here, and I hope it’s useful and maybe even inspiring to you. Whenever you are attempting to ID a plant, please do more research and consult many more authoritative sources than my writing.